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The Rich & Famous Money Book

Jean Sherman Chatzky. The Rich & Famous Money Book Authors:Jean Sherman Chatzky.
Price:2238 rub.

Book Summary:
"This book is an incredibly fun read. The style is a lot of People magazine, with a little Smart Money magazine thrown in for good measure."–Detroit Free Press "Americans have ample role models for how to spend money, but too few on how to save and invest it. Jean Chatzky?s new book may change that, however. By showing us how celebrities have incorporated financial decision–making into their lives, this book sends a powerful and valuable message that investing is something that all of us can, and indeed should, do."–Don Phillips President, Morningstar, Inc. "Jean has revealed the true innermost secrets of the ?90s–how accomplished people make, spend, and invest their money. A good read and great advice all in one."–Donna Hanover broadcast journalist and First Lady of the City of New York "A book that shows the rich and famous have money problems, too, and how we can avoid them. Jean Chatzky makes learning how to save like the rich and famous lots of fun!"–Al...

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